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Explore your business potential with our consultancy! We focus on innovation developed by groundbreaking business models and complementary product concepts. Trust our expertise for successful company transformations. Innovative. Successful. Together. Here, we showcase carefully vetted and valuable business models, believing in effective growth and success through acquiring complementary business models.

How to buy or sell business models

Here's how it works: If you have a good business idea and are looking for a strategic partner to sell your products, sign a confidentiality agreement with us. Then present your business model to us and we will check whether it has potential. If you agree, you will conclude a brokerage agreement and we will take care of potential buyers. The same applies if you are looking for a business idea that complements your portfolio or are looking for a startup in a specific area. Below you will find current business models.

Scalable e-mountain bike rental and sales concept

eBike tourism in the mountains is booming, but rental offers for e-mountain bikes are unsatisfactory. Today's rental mountain bikes are prone to breakdowns and service, with too few adjustment options for riders.

BUSINESS IDEA: Building sports equipment that can be used all year round - especially for rental. Wireless (maintenance-free) serial-hybrid drive, optimally configurable using software. Concept for a highly profitable, scalable franchise rental and sales system.

STATUS: Market research, product concept, sales concept, business model, software licenses, software concept, suppliers, first mobile prototype.


  • e-bike manufacturer
  • Tour operator
  • Sporting goods manufacturer (winter sports, summer sports)  

Smart alternative to conventional apps

Conventional smartphone apps have some weaknesses. Too expensive to develop and maintain (IOS, Android, Windows), too many apps (more than 4 million), each app has different operation, a user only uses 15 apps on average.

BUSINESS IDEA: An app replaces 80% of all apps, offers more without development and maintenance costs. Monthly fee, seamlessly integrated into websites. First autonomous system for digital documents, decentralized data storage, industry solutions for all industries, autonomous, decentralized, forgery-proof, protects against misuse, loss and theft, can be used online and offline. Easy to use: SCAN, SEND, READY.

STATUS: Market research, product concept, sales concept, business model, white paper for software development,


  • Application provider with more than 10 million users
  • large IT companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, ..
  • Large software houses

Security communication in a neural network

Fire and burglar alarm systems are now standard in every building. Every message creates communication. This is exactly what this company specializes in and is successful in Northern Germany. Now it's about finding the right partner for a global rollout.

MISSION: Looking for a strategic partner who is globally distributed with fire and burglar alarm systems and would like to expand their portfolio to include a successful voice, video and data communication system.

STATUS: Complete product range with control center, built-in, wall, table, door, stainless steel intercom stations as well as interfaces to mobile communications, fault reporting systems, etc. Software for a wide range of applications.


  • Manufacturer with global sales of fire, burglary and access control systems
  • globally distributed security companies
  • Manufacturer of complementary access, door and gate intercom systems.

High-end stage, sound and video studio equipment

In the professional audio market, which includes music, sound and TV studios, stages, film productions, computer games, podcasts as well as musicians, editors and speakers, maximum sound quality is the decisive criterion for success. All production companies worldwide continually invest in first-class equipment in order to meet this high standard. Quality comes first here to create an impressive sound experience for the listeners.

BUSINESS IDEA: Sale of the unrestricted rights for distribution, production and further development on the basis of a one-off payment and ongoing license fee. Including know-how transfer.

STATUS: Market research, development completed, the first product available on the market. The complete product range for digital mixing consoles with up to over 1,000 audio lines, network components (Dante) based on this technology, digital solution for replacing 100V public address lines has been fully developed.


  • Manufacturer of professional audio equipment
  • Sales of professional audio equipment

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