50 years of marketing &
sales consulting

Dkfm. Volkmar Iro, sustainable visionary, entrepreneur, serial founder, and successful business leader, brings external innovation to prosperous companies:

"As an external consultant and creative visionary, I guide owners, entrepreneurs, boards, executives, and department heads in building a successful future in increasingly volatile markets."

We bring innovation and new products to successful companies.

Discover the potential of your business development with our consultation! We focus on innovation to develop groundbreaking business models and complementary product concepts. Our experienced team assists in achieving successful corporate transformations. Trust in our expertise to shape the future of your company together. Innovative. Successful. Together.

As a current sole proprietor, I use "WE" as I can rely on experts who support me with their core competencies, allowing me to focus on my strengths and accomplish significant projects.

Trust and personal conversations form the foundation of successful consulting. My recipe for success: A free, confidential initial discussion – openly addressing your business challenges.

Current benefits & services – We shape the future

Development and licensing of disruptive product concepts

Bring real innovation into your company when your own employees don't have the time or motivation. SMEs and large companies lack pioneering innovations with large, scalable margins. The structures have shrunk too much. Many markets are subject to ruinous price wars that are causing margins to dwindle. This is where we dock with our solutions.

In-house development of concepts
for booming markets

For example, we are revolutionizing the rental of e-mountain bikes or replacing costly, high-maintenance smartphone apps for companies with simpler, cheaper and safer technology. From market analysis to product ideas to the implementation concept – we shape the path into the future. 

Search and mediation
of strategic partnerships

In a constantly changing world, it is crucial to open doors for collaborations and strategic partnerships. Customers are looking for solutions and trust. We identify and broker the right partnerships to create success together.

Customer-optimized, future-oriented sales concepts. Digital & Analog.

In an increasingly complex market landscape, effective sales are the key to sustainable success. Our expertise lies in optimizing and aligning both digital and analog sales methods to achieve your goals.

Integration of startups into structures of SMEs and large companies

Startups and established companies seem like opposites. While some burn money, others have to earn it. Nevertheless, professional scouting and the promotion of startups is crucial for entrepreneurial success. We invest time in your future.

Cooperations and

Companies are increasingly joining interest groups or cooperating in order to focus on their core competencies and jointly create added value for customers. We support you from founding to acquisition.

Why with us?


In order to make your company successful, it is crucial to develop a feeling for your challenge and to ignite enthusiasm for the solution. Emotion and good feeling are particularly important. That's exactly what we offer.


50 years of experience in consulting shape our expertise. We offer in-depth expertise, proven methods and tailor-made solutions. Trust in our many years of experience for your lasting success.


Competence in consulting is expressed through the following requirements: specialist knowledge, many years of experience, individual adaptability, clear communication and passion for sustainable solutions. Trust in our expertise for your success.

This is how we start a long-term collaboration

Successful corporate strategies are subject to a constant development process. This not only requires time, but also a team that actively supports changes. These principles are equally reflected in our collaboration as external consultants. Our mission is to specifically bring in those skills that your company either needs in the short term or that would require a lengthy process to develop. Through our commitment, we seek and seamlessly integrate these skills into your team to ensure harmonious development and adaptability. Together we will shape a successful future for your company.


First contact

I would like to invite you to get to know us personally in a free, confidential initial consultation. Together we want to examine your challenges for the coming years and check whether we are the right partnership for your needs. Your success is a matter close to our hearts.

Team, Offer

After developing a common approach, we put together a team to support your employees. In close collaboration with your team, we will develop a detailed work plan and provide you with a binding offer. We look forward to working together successfully on implementation.

Project start

Once the project has been placed, the implementation begins, where we begin with full commitment and the efficient use of our resources. Our goal is to make the process smooth and effective to ensure your needs are successfully met. We rely on partnership-based collaboration for sustainable success. 

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